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So, this is just a quick update, because I got the go-ahead to announce some super-cool news…(And I’m going to do it in list form because…I’m a dork and enjoy writing lists.)

1) I’m going to be signing galleys of THRONE OF GLASS at BookExpo America on Wednesday, June 6th, from 10:00-11:00 AM!! I am SO unbelievably excited that every time I think about it, I wind up doing something that looks eerily like this: 

2) This is semi-old news, because I meant to make a big hullabaloo about it, but, as we all know by this point, my write-eat-read cycle these days has made me the World’s Crappiest Blogger. BUT I found out early in March that rights to THRONE OF GLASS sold in Turkey (to Dogan Kitap) and in Spain (to Santillana), both at auction! And (And! Andddd!) THRONE OF GLASS will be published by Bloomsbury Australia!

3) A week after that was the Bologna Book Fair, where this happened (this was in The Bologna Bookseller Daily. And, um, just ignore the two minor errors):

So, I was totally like this when I read the copy that my agent sent me (can you tell I’m watching LOTS of Psych these days?): 

4) And then on Monday, my galleys for THRONE OF GLASS arrived! I wish I could share pictures with you guys, but since the cover isn’t yet final, I have to wait. BUT they are glorious and beautiful and everything I dreamed they'd be. And....what the hell. Here's the back cover of the galleys (the final back cover of the book will be different, obviously):

Once I stopped shaking long enough to drive my car, I went right to the post office to mail one off to Sooz (because she is my Soul Twin, and the Gus to my Shawn). It was a journey that normally would take me FIVE minutes, but thanks to post-Coachella traffic, it took me THIRTY MINUTES to get there. Not even kidding. (But it was totally worth it, since Soozycakes later took pics of TOG and SOMETHING STRANGE & DEADLY side by side, and hot damn, our books look gorgeous together. They should get married and have beautiful book babies.)

Side Note: Even though I hate Coachella traffic/crowds with an unyielding, fiery passion, the ONE benefit that comes from living around the block from the festival was getting to hear Gotye performing one night. 

Anyway, I have a couple TOG galleys, so...I'll see what I can do about having a giveaway for one of them soon!!!

5) Annnd, the last update. I finished the rough draft of THRONE OF GLASS Book 2 yesterday! It’s 111k words, but still needs a LOT of work, so…I expect that number to keep going up (GULP.). It took me 30 days to write it, which means that I am going to sleep for a WEEK now (ha. If only.). But I am taking off the next few days (….until the next round of edits on Novella #4 arrive), and plan on doing nothing except read J. R. Ward novels by my pool, catch up on TV (hence the Psych gif explosion), and take the time to make myself Healthy Normal Meals (aka NOT cheez-its and buffalo jerky, washed down with two diet cokes).

OH! And I got this piece of fan-art (by the amazing Neha Vatnani) of Ansel from THE ASSASSIN AND THE DESERT. I’m so obsessed with it that it’s now hanging on the wall of my office, AND is the lock-screen and background of my iPhone. …Annnd I might be getting t-shirts made (kidding. Sort of.).



Apr. 20th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
:) I'm pretty damn excited myself!!!!! <3
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