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My Upcoming Events & News!

So, I’m still juggling various TOG & ACOTAR deadlines, but I just wanted to quickly announce some *exciting* upcoming events!

THIS THURSDAY (April 10th) at 3 PM EST (Noon Pacific; 8 PM UK time), I’ll be chatting on Twitter with the amazingly talented & lovely Samantha Shannon, author of THE BONE SEASON (which was one of my favorite reads of 2013)! We’ll be talking about our series, writing, favorite books, and lots more! So, if you’re around, definitely stop by—and bring any burning questions!


THIS SUNDAY (April 13th) I’ll be at the LA Times Festival of Books! Hooray! Here’s my schedule for the day (if you’re at the festival, definitely come say hi!!):

10-11 AM: Signing at the Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair Company tent (booth #720) with fellow Bloomsbury author, Robin Benway!!

1:30-2:30: Panel: Young Adult Sci-Fi: Fantastical Tales (with Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Cecil Castellucci, and Andrew Smith). Location: YA Stage

2:30-3:30: Signing with my fellow panelists in the autographing area!

ALSO! On May 3rd, my wonderful publisher is throwing an online BIRTHDAY PARTY for Celaena. I’ll be there via video chat, answering any/all questions about TOG and reading an exclusive excerpt from HEIR OF FIRE!

Space to tune in to the video chat is limited, so reserve your spot by sending in your pre-order receipt for HEIR OF FIRE to Bloomsbury (details below)! I am so, so, SO excited about this chat—it’s always super-fun to interact with you guys, and I can’t wait to share some of HEIR OF FIRE!


Speaking of HEIR OF FIRE, I’m off to work on my first pass pages (aka the last time I get to read through this book & make any changes before it is DONE!).

(565 pages = one big, big book baby.)

Check back over the next few weeks for more exciting news & upcoming event info!

Annnnnd here’s what I’m listening to on repeat these days (mostly while editing ACOTAR):

ACOTAR News! And A General Writing Update!

Well, I just received some really exciting/awesome news regarding my upcoming fantasy series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, so I figured now is as good a time as any to give you guys an update on what I’m working on!

But first—thank you all SO MUCH for making the release of The Assassin’s Blade so fun and spectacular. You guys are the best. (Also, if you’re in the US, there’s a sneak peek of Heir of Fire in the back of the book.)

Anyway! I am super, super, SUUUPER thrilled to announce that the audio rights to ACOTAR sold to Recorded Books (at auction!). It’s such a tremendous honor to work with Recorded Books, considering how AMAZING their YA list is. So, THANK YOU, to Recorded Books—and a HUGE thank you to my incredible & badass agent, Tamar, for making it happen. <3

(Hooray, it’s official!)

Speaking of audiobooks, the audiobooks for Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight are now available from Audible (and I think The Assassin’s Blade will be out soon, too)! Elizabeth Evans, the narrator, has done an absolutely marvelous job bringing Celaena and the world of TOG to life.

So, to give you guys an update, right now I’m currently working on:

-Heir of Fire: I sent in my copyedits at the beginning of March, which means I’m now waiting to receive my first pass pages (aka the last time I get to read through/make little changes to the book). And AFTER THAT, I will be officially DONE with this book! Which is a bizzare and wonderful and overwhelming feeling. Heir of Fire is so, so, so close to my heart that it’s difficult for me to even TALK about some parts without getting weirdly emotional. I really, really can’t wait for you guys to read it this fall. (And can't wait for you to see the COVER! I just got a peek at the *almost* finished artwork for it and it is BY FAR my favorite cover yet.)

Book 4 of the TOG series: I am in the middle of drafting this book, and I can’t say much about it, but, as usual, if you head on over to my TOG pinterest board, you might find some hints about the book (and Heir of Fire).

A Court of Thorns and Roses (aka ACOTAR!): I turned in my first round of ACOTAR edits at the end of February, and received my second round a few weeks later. This second round is due at the beginning of April, so when I’m not drafting TOG4, I’m working on ACOTAR (and getting so excited to share this book with you guys in 2015).

Other than that, I have two upcoming events to mention (more to come as they’re made official):

LA Times Festival of Books: I’ll be on the "Young Adult Sci-Fi: Fantastical Tales" panel with Leigh Bardugo, Cecil Castellucci, Marissa Meyer, and Andrew Smith on Sunday, April 13th at 1:30.

RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans: I’ll be on the "Fantasy: Breathing Life Into It" panel with PJ Schnyder, Kristen Callihan, Mary Robinette Kowal, Mur Lafferty, and Tamora Pierce on Thursday, May 15th at 10 AM.

I'll also be on the "How To Market Yourself Like A Celebrity While Maintaining Approachability" panel with my partners in crime, Erin Bowman and Susan Dennard, along with Victoria Scott, Tessa Gratton, and Corrine Jackson (also) on Thursday, May 15th at 1:30. And I’ll be participating in the giant book fair/signing on Saturday, May 17th.

Again, I’ll be announcing more events for 2014 as they’re confirmed/official, so keep checking back!

Annnnd now it’s time to dive back into TOG 4. In the meantime, here’s some music that I like to pretend plays during the most epic Heir of Fire trailer you can possibly imagine:

(It actually reminds me the most of Manon Blackbeak, an upcoming character in Heir of Fire, but, uh, you guys haven’t met her yet.)

So, The Assassin’s Blade—the bind-up of all five Throne of Glass novellas—is out today! (Warning: This is a bit of a lengthy post, but…I love these novellas, and if you’re interested in how they came about, then…here it is.)

Honestly, I get a little weepy whenever I look at my gorgeous, gorgeous US & UK editions. (I miiiight be a little weepy as I write this, actually.)

I never, ever expected these novellas to one day be in print.

These novellas started off as a bit of fun, a distraction, and an experiment. In early summer 2011, I learned that Throne of Glass would be out in Fall 2012, not Spring 2012—which was actually a really good thing, but it meant:

  1. Having to tell my FictionPress readers that they’d have to wait another 6 months for the book (after patiently waiting for so many years), which made me feel majorly guilty.

  2. Six more months of…waiting/chilling/twiddling my thumbs. TOG was still in its editorial stages, and I hadn’t yet sold Books 2 or 3 (meaning, I didn’t have the go-ahead to write them).

I can last about a week without writing/working on something before I start clawing at the walls and going absolutely nutso. I’m actually unable to STOP working most of the time—even now, if I’m not working on TOG, I’m drafting something else. It’s this compulsive, restless thing that I can’t quite describe, but I never really get a break from it.

So, I had all this extra time and needed something to do with it. And my agent, because she’s clever and cool and knows me pretty well, called me up one afternoon that summer and had this awesome idea: what if—to fill that time and to make it up to the FictionPress fans (and perhaps introduce new readers, too)—we did a few TOG e-novellas before the release of the novel?

Yes, yes, yes.

After revising TOG for so many years, I’d wound up cutting a bunch of flashback sections (and rightly so) from before Celaena was enslaved in the mines. Ultimately, they were just a collection of scenes where she’d sometimes brag about That Time She Met The Pirate Lord And Wrecked His Town, or sometimes she’d get sad and quiet thinking about a fellow assassin named Sam, or sometimes she’d brood over her totally effed up relationship with her former master, Arobynn.

She had so many stories—so many adventures and encounters and moments that profoundly shaped her—long before the first page of TOG. And every time I cut those flashbacks or mentions of those adventures, it kinda killed me (even though they totally did not belong in the book). So when my agent called me up with this idea—this chance to tell all those stories—those 6+ extra months before TOG’s debut suddenly felt like a blessing.

With the novellas, I wasn’t limited to a few flashback-y scenes—with the novellas, I could put all those scenes in order and flesh them out and make them real stories.

We pitched the idea to my amazing publisher, and they instantly got on board, and asked if I could write four e-novellas, to be released starting in January 2012 and then every few months until the August 2012 release of TOG. I’d never really heard of anyone doing e-novellas before the release of a book, let alone a series of them (again, this was in 2011), and in all honesty, I’d never written a novella before.

I’d read a few in school, but…all I really knew going into it was that I had 20-30k words in each novella to craft the story I needed to tell, and that each of those novellas would link together to form the arc of how Celaena went from the greatest assassin in her land to a slave in the Salt Mines. It never occurred to me that four of those novellas equaled a full-length book. And it never occurred to me that I would fall so madly in love with these stories.

Because what I’d written before—those little flashback scenes—were just…scraps. Glimpses into that life she once had, but not really a full picture of what happened to her. I reread what I had written years ago, and then threw them out, keeping only two things:

  1. The fact that a certain character dies.

  2. That beginning scene in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, where Celaena is sitting in the council room with the other assassins, gets into a fight with Sam, and acts like a Total Asshole.

That beginning scene is the only thing that survived—the rest I threw away. I’d never really learned what Celaena actually did That Time She Met The Pirate Lord And Wrecked His Town (and how she'd wrecked his town), and as that story seemed the most fun/shiny at the time…it was the one I wrote first (The kernel of the story came from This Piece Of Music from the Hook soundtrack).

I had a blast. An absolute blast writing The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. But even as I wrote it, my heart kind of broke—broke for Celaena, and Sam, and what they were about to go through in these novellas. Because the more I wrote about them in that first novella, the more I realized just how truly, deeply she was about to fall in love, and what these novellas would do to her by the end.

So I realized about halfway through that first novella that this wasn’t just a project for fun, or an experiment with the uncharted waters of e-novellas, or a way to pass the time.

These novellas were as vital to Celaena’s story and character arc as the books themselves.

The events in the novellas wound up shaping Celaena’s actions in Throne of Glass and the series itself. Celaena’s relationship with Nehemia (and her initial dismissal/judgment of Kaltain) was very much impacted by her first female friendship in The Assassin and the Desert, as well as her interactions with Lysandra in The Assassin and the Underworld. And her interactions and relationships with Dorian and Chaol would always be a bit overshadowed by Sam. And her relationship with Arobynn…well, what happens in these novellas lays the groundwork for their inevitable reunion in later books.

So I wrote all four novellas back to back, each with its own intense editorial process, and it was just… wonderful. Difficult and challenging and exhausting, yes—but also a joy and a thrill and a wild ride.

The novellas changed the series, too. Writing The Assassin and the Empire changed everything. While drafting it, I had to frequently get up from my desk and leave the room, or go lie down, or just cry-cry-cry for half the day. I’ve loved Celaena since the moment she walked into my head all those years ago, but writing that novella…. I realized just how deeply I loved her, how much I felt for her—and it killed me, seriously killed me, to write the second half of that novella. And the ending that I’d always imagined for the TOG series wound up being chucked in the trash as a result. I can’t say anything more about it, but when I finished The Assassin and the Empire, when I looked back at what Celaena had been through in those novellas… the series ending I’d always imagined didn’t work anymore.

There were new characters, too—characters who randomly walked onto the pages of the novellas and forever changed the direction of this series. Ansel—from The Assassin and the Desert—was my very favorite of them.

She was a background character in my original plans for Desert, but the moment Celaena strode into the Silent Assassins’ fortress and this red-haired girl smirked at her…. Ansel just shoved all the other characters away and took center stage. I fell in love with her, too—and I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say that she’ll be back in later books, or that I’ve been thinking about what she’s been up to, who she’s met, and all her adventures until she reunites with Celaena. If I get the chance to write her story one day, I’ll consider myself blessed.

Then there was the fifth, unexpected novella—The Assassin and the Healer. Okay, it’s actually a short story. I wrote it for the 2013 World Book Day in the UK as an exclusive bit of content, and wound up loving it so much—loving Yrene Towers so much—that I wanted to make sure that it was someday available to all TOG readers. (Especially because the events in Healer wind up having a big impact later on.) Yrene is the only character other than Celaena to get her own POV in these novellas (save for a very short scene with Arobynn in Empire). So, make of that what you will.

It’s been over two years since we released The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, and the reaction from readers—old and new—has amazed and overwhelmed me ever since. These novellas came to mean so much to me that it’s an honor that someone else enjoyed them, and perhaps was moved by them, too. I consider these novellas to be as important to Celaena’s saga as the books themselves.

So, I’m profoundly, deeply grateful that I’m sitting at my desk today, writing this. I’m grateful that I’m staring at my beautiful copy of The Assassin’s Blade, where all of those stories are now in print—somehow feeling more real as a result. I’m grateful to every reader who bought the e-novellas and championed them; grateful for the readers and teachers and librarians who begged for a printed edition to be available; grateful for my amazing publisher deciding to listen.

And, just because, this is the piece that inspired the final scene in Empire—the piece I listened to on repeat while drafting/sobbing through that last moment, when Celaena finds the strength to stand, when she tells herself that she will not be afraid, and walks into the Salt Mines. To this day, I can’t listen to this piece without losing it—and when I hear those final notes, I still feel like I’m walking beside her, heartbroken but head held high.

(Uh, ignore the weird video.)

Hooray! New THRONE OF GLASS Book Deal!

So, I’m emerging from the Revising Cave (currently working on my first round of edits for my new fantasy series, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES) with some super-exciting, super-wonderful, super-epic news…

My amazing, brilliant, and ridiculously awesome publisher, Bloomsbury, has acquired the next three THRONE OF GLASS novels (AKA Books 4, 5, and 6)! You can get more nitty gritty/exciting info about the deal here.

And here’s that nifty little write-up in Publishers Marketplace that I am always so amped to finally see (because it makes it REAL):

TOG Deal

Honestly, I’m not quite sure where to begin—I’ve been sitting on this news for about 2 months now (Has it been that long? Juggling various deadlines has totally screwed up my sense of time.), and I’m still completely overwhelmed with gratitude whenever I think about the fact that I get to continue writing this series and finish Celaena’s story.

THANK YOU to the marvelous worldwide team at Bloomsbury for your unfailing support and enthusiasm for this series. It is SUCH a delight to work with you all—and I can’t wait to keep working with you on TOG (and ACOTAR)!

A massive, massive thank-you to my badass, lovely, and incredibly hard-working agent, Tamar Rydzinski. You are the absolute BEST, and I’m so tremendously honored to have you as my agent.

And a MAJOR thank-you to all of the wonderful readers who made this possible. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to tell this story in its entirety without you. I might be a little slow to respond these days, but your emails, tweets, fanart (& fanMUSIC!) mean the WORLD to me, and keep me motivated and inspired. So thank you, thank you, thank you for letting Celaena into your hearts. You’ve made this journey so much fun. I'm forever grateful.

Though I’m currently drafting the novel, there’s no word yet on when TOG 4 (no title yet, either!) will be out. But hopefully it’ll stick to a similar schedule to the first 3 books!

In the meantime, THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE (the novellas bind-up) is out on March 4th (EEEEE!), and you can pre-order it here!

HEIR OF FIRE (Book 3) will be out in the US on September 2nd (I just saw the latest draft of the cover art, and WOW, you guys. WOW.), and it's already up for pre-order!  Also, the first book my new fantasy series, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES, should be out in Spring 2015! So, lots and lots of exciting stuff coming up.

Annnnnd I need to crawl back into the Revision Cave, because these ACOTAR edits are due a week from today, and…yikes.


Here's what I've been listening to on repeat lately (especially good for working on ACOTAR edits):

THRONE OF GLASS 3 Has A Title! Hooray!

So, after many, many, many months (years!) of keeping it a secret and forcing myself to refer to the novel as TOG3, Bloomsbury has finally revealed the title for the third TOG novel over on the TOG facebook page!


What do you guys think?! This probably goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway… I love it.

Normally, finding the right title is a lengthy back and forth process (mostly because I’m useless when it comes to making up titles), but this book was HEIR OF FIRE from Page 1—before Page 1, actually. It was a title that hit me during the brainstorming process, and was my working title while drafting the third novel. And over the course of drafting the book, I developed this irrational attachment to the title—I couldn’t think of it as anything other than HEIR OF FIRE. So it was suchhhh a massive relief and joy that Bloomsbury was 110% on board with the title, too.

If you’ve read CROWN OF MIDNIGHT, then you can probably guess who this title refers to, and guess why “fire” might play a big role. But one of the reasons why HEIR OF FIRE has always been THE title for this book is because of the “Heir” bit. This book isn’t just Celaena’s story, but also the story of a few other Heirs—of Dorian, heir to the throne of Adarlan, of Chaol, heir to Anielle, and of Manon Blackbeak, a new character (who I am so, so, SO excited for you guys to meet) who is heir to the Blackbeak Witch-Clan.

There are a bunch of other new characters, too—but the three storylines of Celaena, Dorian/Chaol, and Manon make up the bones and heart of this book.

HEIR OF FIRE will be out this September, and even though it feels realllllly far off, I’m already BEYOND excited for you guys to read it. In the meantime, THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE (the novellas bind-up) will be out in March (you can pre-order it here), featuring some brand-new material (and perhaps a sneak-peek at HEIR OF FIRE)!

I feel like I should share some of the HEIR OF FIRE playlist to celebrate, but…it’s literally 801 songs, and picking just a few to share is impossible. The music that inspired this book ranged from Kanye’s Yeezus album to James Horner’s The Land Before Time score (not even joking) to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. So…I’ll just pick the first song from the introductory scenes of each of the three narratives, since I think they set the tone of each pretty well:

Celaena: “Waking Up” from the Oblivion soundtrack by M83, Anthony Gonzalez, and Joseph Trapanese (Side note: the movie was Eh, but the music is freaking AMAZING and inspired big parts of HEIR OF FIRE.):

Chaol/Dorian: “The First Ambush And Remembering The Wilderness” from The Patriot soundtrack by John Williams (a glorious soundtrack that inspired a lot of CROWN OF MIDNIGHT and HEIR OF FIRE):

Manon Blackbeak: “Welcome to Fright Night” from the Fright Night soundtrack (another AMAZINGGG soundtrack) by Ramin Djawadi:

Back to drafting TOG Book 4 (alas, the title secrecy begins again)!
Lady with falcon
Well, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this is the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from blogging, and I am so, so, SO sorry for all the radio silence on my end!

Basically, I got back from my UK/Europe book tour (more on that below) and had to dive right into my edits for the third book in the TOG series, and spent the rest of October and half of November working on them. And when I handed in the edits to my editor on November 15th, I woke up the next morning to find the first pass pages for THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE (the novellas bind-up...more on THAT below, too) waiting on my doorstep.

I actually had a TON of fun reading through all five novellas again, since it’s been so long since I wrote/worked on them, and I turned in the book in a day before my family descended on my house for Thanksgiving. Andddd THEN, after a crazy-busy holiday, I got my second round of edits for TOG3 this past Monday (aka two days ago). SO—that is a very long and somewhat convoluted explanation for the extreme lack of updating on this blog. I love working on the TOG series so much that it’s really, really easy for me to lose track of time when it comes to things like updating this blog, which I guess is a semi-good thing, but I figured that I *should* update you guys before this next round of edits makes me forget the world for the next few weeks. ;)

To jump back a bit, my UK/Europe book tour was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Meeting some of my international fans was such a delight and an honor, and I had an absolute blast hanging out with the Bloomsbury UK team (as well as my amazing foreign publishers). Rather than bombard you with endless photos, there are a few lurking on my twitter media feed (along with some photos from the Frankfurt Book Fair). In a nutshell, the tour was beyond anything I could have dreamed of—so, THANK YOU to Bloomsbury (you guys are the BEST) and to all the readers who came out to support my events!

While I’ve been working on Book 3, the awesome team at Bloomsbury also revealed the cover for THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE, which might be my favorite cover so far.

It’ll be out on March 4th, 2014, and if you have NO idea wtf I’m talking about, here’s the fancy little flap copy for the bind-up:

Celaena Sardothien is her kingdom’s most feared assassin. Though she works for the powerful and ruthless Assassin’s Guild, Celaena yields to no one and trusts only her fellow killer for hire, Sam.

When Celaena's scheming master, Arobynn Hamel, dispatches her on missions that take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, she finds herself acting independently of his wishes—and questioning her own allegiance. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies alike, and discovers that she feels far more for Sam than just friendship. But by defying Arobynn’s orders, Celaena risks unimaginable punishment, and with Sam by her side, he is in danger, too. They will have to risk it all if they hope to escape Arobynn’s clutches—and if they fail, they’ll lose not just a chance at freedom, but their lives . . .

A prequel to Throne of Glass, this collection of five novellas offers readers a deeper look into the history of this cunning assassin and her enthralling—and deadly—world.


Annnnd I feel like I’m forgetting some bit of news, because it’s been months and months since I updated, but right now my brain is totally in Book 3 mode (title reveal coming soon-ish). I’m still not free to talk that much about the book, but I WILL share some of the music that shaped major parts/sections of this book. Some of you know that I use music/playlists to outline my books, but I also do this weird thing where if I really, really connect a song with a part of the book, I’ll unofficially rename it (as if it were part of a TOG soundtrack).

So, these two songs inspired some major moments in Book 3:

Officially, this is called “What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?” and it’s by Hans Zimmer. UNOFFICIALLY, I call it “Rattle The Stars.” Read into that what you will.

(Side note: I watched Man of Steel on the plane to the UK, and though it wasn't my cup of tea, Henry Cavill is so insanely gorgeous that I was sweating the entire time and had to take off my scarf & sweatshirt. I wish I was joking.)

Again, officially, this is called “Shenzou” and it’s from the INCREDIBLE soundtrack to Gravity by Steven Price. But whenever I listen to it while working on Book 3, I call it “Do Not Let That Light Go Out.” And then I cry 100000 tears (Confession: I have never cried more while writing a book--and I can't even THINK about parts of Book 3 without bursting into tears.) I suggest listening to this piece as loud as your speakers/ears can go without exploding. (Sometimes, I feel really, really bad for my neighbors/neighborhood.)

(Another side note: Gravity was easily my favorite film of 2013, and I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed during the part where this music plays. Weeks later, I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about the movie.)

Annnnd that’s it for now! I think the next few months will be a bit calmer than this summer/fall (*knocks on wood*), so hopefully I’ll be able to update the blog a bit more frequently!

Hope everyone is well! <3
TOG Cover Icon
SO! I am back from my amazing, wonderful, and insanely fun whirlwind of a US tour!

…And I’ll be off on my UK/Ireland/Germany tour in a few days (but I’ll get to that later).

Cary NC eventIt was SUCH a delight to meet so many Throne of Glass readers across America—and if you went to one of my events, THANK YOU for coming! (And a special shout-out to everyone who brought me hand-written letters and fan-art… You guys are incredible.) I’ll be honest: most of the time, I was pinching myself because… Jesus, I was on my freaking book tour. What a dream come true—especially when it was So. Much. Fun.

Along the way, I went to Dragon*Con, which was a blast, especially when Sooz and I wore our Star Wars Kessel Run costumes, and (okay, excuse my bragging) the dude who runs the Official Star Wars Twitter account stopped us in the middle of the floor, told us our costume was one of the BEST he’d seen at the entire convention, and then asked to take our picture for the twitter account. I didn’t even believe it actually happened (seriously, our costume cost us like $40 each), but then we saw THIS the next day:

Star Wars

So…my geeky soul was 100% blown away by that.

Waffle HouseAfter Dragon*Con, Sooz and I met up with our lovely friend, Erin Bowman, to go up to the Smoky Mountains for our annual Hero Squad Retreat. By that point, I was actually sick from the first leg of my tour—I mean coughing/fever/dying on the couch sick—and couldn’t even appreciate/devour the blueberry pie we bought from the local farmer’s stand (if you know me you’ll understand that only TRUE ILLNESS will keep me from food. The Waffle House pic on the right was taken mere hours before I started dying).

And once we got to the mountain house and chilled for a day or so, something awesome happened.

I’m pretty sure I was lying on the couch, watching something (I have no memory of what, either due to sickness or what was about to happen next), when my phone rang.

And…it was my lovely publisher at Bloomsbury USA.

Who told me that Crown of Midnight had debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list.

There are three things I’ll always remember about that moment:

1) Bursting into tears. Like, hysterical, laughing, can’t-breathe-fast-enough sobbing. The kind you get when the news is better than you ever dared hope, and holy shit this is REAL, and you don’t think you’re actually hearing things right but you ARE, and HOLY SHIT.

2) Looking over from where I was sobbing on the couch to see that Sooz and Erin were also crying—that Sooz was actually calling her MOM to tell her the good news. Being able to share that moment with them was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me, and something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. None of this stuff is worth anything if you don’t have someone to celebrate with, and guys… I can’t tell you what it meant to have them there--to finally have people like them in my life.

3) In my insane joy, I declared to my Publisher that as soon as I hung up, I was going to take off all my clothes and jump naked into the crawfish-infested lake outside the house. True story. (And something that didn’t happen, as sickness/common sense/too much crying got in the way.)

I don’t remember wtf happened for the rest of the day. Again, sickness or elation gets in the way. (Maybe we watched Dredd to celebrate?) But I remember waking up the next morning to a text Sooz sent me in the middle of the night (I’d gone to bed early, thanks to having the Plague), saying that Crown of Midnight was also a USA Today bestseller.

I seriously had to read her text like 10 times before staggering into the living room and demanding if it was true. But then I got the confirmation email from my publisher, and…then I found out Crown of Midnight was also a Publishers' Weekly bestseller, and…

Veronica and I are going to get married on top of a mountainLet’s just say it was a really, really good week. We climbed a mountain the next day, and…I’ll leave you to interpret that on your own, but I will say that standing at the summit with my two best friends, the whole world spread before us, was every bit as peaceful and empowering as you can imagine. (Despite the fact that I pretty much wheezed/coughed/lurched my way up the mountain.)

After I left Sooz and Erin, I went back on the road for my tour, met some incredible readers and visited some remarkable schools, and found out that Crown of Midnight stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for another week. Which was just…insane.

This is getting to be a long post, and I want to jump to the heart of it before I ramble on too long. Because the whole point of this post is to say THANK YOU. To show you that hitting those bestseller lists wasn’t just some random thing that I celebrated for a minute and then forgot—it was this amazing, overwhelming, life-changing thing and so beyond anything I’d ever dreamed of happening. And the ONLY REASON IT HAPPENED IS BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS.

Because YOU went out and bought the book and told people to read it and championed it and…and all of this is thanks to you.

So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart—my soul—THANK YOU. I don’t have the words to describe my gratitude, and maybe I never will, but… thank you.

I’m going back on the road in a few days—to the UK, Ireland, and Germany—which is another dream come true (you can see some of my schedule here.). Honestly, I think when you wish and hope and work for something every single day for so, so many years, when all this amazing stuff finally happens, it doesn’t feel real. I don’t think I’ve properly processed most of it yet. Maybe I won’t until I get back from my tour, and then all of this will finally sink in.

So, again, because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop saying it… Thank you. I have the best readers in the world. (IN THE GALAXY!)
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So, CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is finally, finally out in the US today!

I’ve been thinking about what I’d say today for weeks. And somehow I couldn’t come up with the words—any words, actually—to express the gratitude, excitement, nerves, and joy. I’ve had a word doc titled “Release Day Blog Post” sitting open on my desktop for a while—completely blank.

COM CoverAnd then yesterday afternoon, I got an email from my mom and knew what I wanted to write about today:

"When I was cleaning, I nearly threw out a votive candle holder, until I looked at it more closely. It was given to us at a Christmas Eve party--we had to etch wishes for the New Year on the surface with a wooden tool. In 2004-2005 you wrote about wishes to have your book published!"

To be honest, for the past few weeks/months, I’ve been so caught up in stressing over deadlines, promotional stuff, various tours, whether or not anyone will even care when COM releases that, until I got that email, I’d…forgotten.

I’d forgotten that in December 2004 (almost 9 years ago), my wish was for TODAY to happen. Every chance I got to make a wish, THIS was what I wished for. To be published. To have my book in stores, for anyone to pick up and read.

Point ZeroI wished on stars. I wished for it every time I tossed a coin in a fountain. I went to Paris in 2006, stood on Point Zero, and wished for it there, too. I even made my mom take a photo of me as I wished for it. I wished for it so many times, all over the world, for so many years, that etching it on a votive candle holder at a party was so ordinary, so practiced, that I immediately forgot about it.

So when I got that email from my mom, I remembered. I remembered the girl who wished for this so much that she worked her ass off. For years. I remembered what it felt like, to want it so badly I thought about it with every breath, thought about it sleeping and waking. And I think if I had told that girl what was waiting for her down the road—all the amazing things that would happen and wonderful people she’d meet—she wouldn’t have believed it.

Hell, most days, I don’t believe it.

So, this is a very long-winded way of saying thank you. To my FictionPress readers, to my new readers, to the team at Bloomsbury, to my amazing agent, to my friends and CPs, to my wonderful parents and family, to anyone and everyone who has picked up THRONE OF GLASS and championed it. Thank you for making that wish come true and then some. Even now, having said all of this, I’m at a loss to express what it means to me to have two books on shelves. But thank you—for everything, and for making this journey so damn incredible.

BFFAEAEAEI can’t end today’s post without thanking one person in particular—the person to whom CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is dedicated. My best friend, Susan Dennard. If I had the chance to do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing—not even the bad stuff—because every step led me to you. The only other thing I’ve ever devoutly wished for was a true friend—and no matter what happens, I will remain eternally grateful that this journey brought you into my life. Thank you for getting me through writing this book, for hand-holding and tough love, and for being my anam cara.

Annnd now that I’m a crying mess (big surprise), it’s time to go celebrate! And by celebrate, I mean pack for my US tour (eeee!), and get ready for my launch party tonight! In case you missed it, click here for info about all my upcoming US events!


And, okay, I have to include this song, because I’m listening to it on repeat today, and it was the #1 song I listened to over the years, anytime my wish to be published felt too impossible and unlikely. I totally don’t care if it’s Michael Bolton and if it’s cheesy.

I love this song with an unashamed passion--I legit can't even hear it without crying. “And a thousand years would be worth the wait / It might take a lifetime / But somehow I’ll see it through. / And I won’t look back / And I’ll stay on track / No, I won’t accept defeat. / It’s an uphill slope / But I won’t lose hope…” ←That right there. Those lines kept me going through some tough times, and are exactly why I will never apologize for loving this song to death.

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CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is out (in the US) in…(okay, it’s too early for me to do the math)… a few days! I can’t believe release day is almost here—and that I’m getting the chance to meet TOG readers on my US tour! The next few days are going to feel SO LONGGGG.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a quick reminder of my US tour events.

I’ll be having my launch party at the AMAZING Mrs. Nelson’s Bookstore in La Verne, CA at 6 PM on August 27th (Aka RELEASE DAY!). I had my launch there last year and it was so, so fun—it’s also my only SoCal event (for the time being), so if you’re in the area, I’d love to see you! (Details here.)

The rest of my tour stops/dates are listed here, in this gorgeous graphic made by the amazing Elena.

US Tour

You’ll notice that I’m going to be at DragonCon over Labor Day weekend… Which is something I’ve been looking forward to for the past YEAR. If you’re attending, I’m going to be doing some awesome events, too:

Friday, August 30th, 5:30 PM:
YA Short Fiction Panel: Authors discuss how they craft bite-size tales that can fill the gaps between novels or offer new character insights.
Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
Tentative Panelists: Eugie Foster, Beth Revis, Sarah J. Maas (MEEEE), Alethea Kontis, Cinda Williams Chima.

Sunday (Funday), September 1st:
No—really, it’s Funday. Because Sooz and I are going to be doing a reading TOGETHER. In costume. We’ll be talking about our published series, The Starkillers Cycle, our upcoming projects, and writing/co-authoring/being BAMFs. There will be antics, shenanigans, and quite possibly a rousing rendition of “I’ll Make A Man Out of You.”
Time: 1:00-2PM
Location: Vinings - Hyatt

AFTER that, we’re also going to be SIGNING with some ridiculously awesome authors:
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: International Hall South - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
Tentative Panelists: Sarah J. Maas, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Cherie Priest, Susan Dennard

Monday, September 2nd, 11:30 AM:
Sidekicks in YA: Harry had Ron and Hermione; Katniss, Peta and Gale. How did these characters help shape the story?
Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
Tentative Panelists: D. A. Adams, Sarah J. Maas, Diana Peterfreund, Laurie S. Sutton, Victoria Schwab, Rachel Hartman

(As for the gap between tour stops…I’m going to be on a writing retreat (AKA Hero Squad Part 2) with my best buds up in the Smoky Mountains, so I’ll be away from civilization for a while.)

Annnnd this is looking ahead a bit, BUT for my UK-Germany tour in October, we have two more amazing stops/dates!

On October 6th, I’ll be at the Cheltenham Festival on a panel with Maureen Johnson and David Levithan—details here:

And I’ll be at the Ilkley Literature Festival as well (I’ll have more details about this soon, but here’s the website anyway):

That’s all for now (unless you want me to talk about how I spent the past 3 days in a legit black hole because I started watching Teen Wolf and it destroyed/consumed my life).

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So, three things:

1. THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed/followed The Starkillers Cycle! Honestly, Sooz and I were expecting a handful of people (i.e. our husbands and pets) to be interested. We've been completely overwhelmed by the response, so…thank you, thank you, thank you for the enthusiasm and support. We’re tremendously excited to share more of the project in a few weeks!

2. Even though CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is out soon (a few days in the UK, next week in Australia/New Zealand, and two weeks in the US!), if the wait is still miserable, there’s a bonus scene between Celaena and Chaol to tide you over! It's called THE ASSASSIN AND THE CAPTAIN and takes place between TOG and COM. It was an absolute delight for me to write (come on, it’s Celaena & Chaol—how could it NOT have been fun to write?). You can see Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here. (And THANK YOU to the lovely TOG ambassadors for hosting this!)

3. So, the big news. The BIG/AWESOME/FANTASTIC NEWS.

From the moment I announced the THRONE OF GLASS novellas, I’ve been getting questions about when they’d be released in a physical book form. For a while, I had to say variations of “No idea!” or “Hopefully someday!”… BUT NO LONGER.

Because in May 2014 (March, for you lucky folks in the UK), all four novellas, PLUS a brand-new novella (THE ASSASSIN AND THE HEALER), PLUS some awesome extra content, will be bound up as one anthology/collection called…


I am…beyond, beyond, BEYOND excited that these novellas will now be a physical book (!!!!) & be able to sit on my bookshelf, and-and-andddddd JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE COVER. (Not sure when I can share it, but fingers crossed that it’s soon!) I think it might already be up on Amazon for pre-order, but the release date is wrong (...I think) for the US. Anyway. It's on Amazon. Hooray!

THE ASSASSIN'S BLADE is a reality because of YOU GUYS—because of your enthusiasm for the novellas and their resulting success as ebooks. So, thank you SO MUCH for all that you’ve done for me and this series. I really am the luckiest author in the world to have you guys as readers and just….THANK YOU.

And I want to say thanks to the worldwide team at Bloomsbury, for having such faith in this series—and for making this journey so damn spectacular. It is so, so wonderful (and fun!) to work with you all. I also owe a huge thanks to my fierce and lovely agent, Tamar Rydzinski, for always having my back, and my cunning & brilliant editor, Margaret Miller.

I wrote these four novellas back to back, and I never would have gotten through it without my critique partners: Susan Dennard, Alex Bracken, Kat Zhang, Amie Kaufman, and Jane Zhao. You guys held my hand, shouted at me when I needed some tough lovin’, and always, always kept me motivated and inspired. Thank you. And thank you to Erin Bowman and Marie Lu, for being such lovely friends & reading/supporting these novellas. I'm tremendously blessed to have all you ladies in my life.


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